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I am a life and leadership coach specializing in time management and career progression.


I help ambitious young professionals become confident leaders that get noticed by their superiors, get selected for promotions, and earn what they are worth.

Elizabeth Jordan, CEO & Life Coach of 3E Life Coaching LLC


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Most young professionals graduated college feeling as though they were on top of the world, ready to prove themselves and their abilities!

But what they don’t realize is that their degree did nothing to prepare them for workplace competition, low salaries, and overwhelmingly long but standard work hours.


So this is the situation they find themselves in -


Losing countless hours of sleep due to worrying about going to work the next day because of a fear of making a mistake…


A confidence killer by staying stuck in a current position, with no raises or promotions in sight…


Being ashamed to come to work, because of feeling unheard and unseen and consistently overlooked time and time again by superiors…


Being terrified to take that large risk that will lead to the next major opportunity that could propel them into success, but also something scarier - change…


Losing countless more hours of free and personal time to spend with loved ones and your true love…Netflix..


But the truth is, young ambitious professionals just don’t have time for any of this!


Right now, a small handful of professionals are deploying a secret strategy that allows them to become confident leaders, get noticed by their superiors, get the promotion they have been missing out on and finally earn what they are worth.

I’m pulling back the curtains and revealing the exact step-by-step system these professionals are now using to finally move ahead in their careers, become rockstar leaders, and grow their income!


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My Experience

I was born and raised in Des Moines, IA and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts and Science with a focus on political science, sociology, and anthropology. My plan being that I would have a deeper understanding of the problems we have faced in the past, why we made them, and how we can move forward. Shortly after graduation I was picked up for an intern position within the Iowa State Senate. I quickly learned that if I wanted to pursue a career in politics I would need more leadership and life experience, and what better way than joining the military.


Though I already had a degree I first enlisted into the United States Air Force and pushed myself further by commissioning within my first two years – almost unheard of timing. Being an active-duty officer for the United States Air Force has given me leadership and life opportunities that I never would have dreamed possible. Now, having been in the military for six years, it has been made apparent to me that my true passion in life is to help other young and ambitious professionals truly excel in the workplace and become high-performing leaders that step up, stand out, and earn what they are worth.


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"Liz has been instrumental in building my financial confidence and assisting with building and maintaining a clear and effective budget. As a recent college graduate, I felt overwhelmed determining what financial decisions and investments would best benefit me. With her help, I am confident in developing a long-term budget plan to meet my personalized financial goals because of her comprehensive knowledge in organization and financial literacy. Whenever I reach out, she is incredibly friendly, responsive, and easy to talk to. I highly recommend Liz for personalized assistance in helping meet life goals most important to you!

— Nicole Etter







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